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Hi I am new here,

I am testing a few ads on facebook with a daily budget of $10 that was running for 5 days but I am a bit confused on the results. The campaign I started running was for  a product for a pets store and shows there was 1 purchase, the cost per result was $44.27 but website purchase website conversation rate is $99. Is the campaign for this ad costing me $44.27 or $99? Please explain the difference?  Why is the conversation so high? Also, it shows there was 1 purchase, i am guessing this is why conversation rate doubled but I have checked under Orders and Abandon Carts and there are No purchases made for this product. Am I doing something incorrect? Please see screenshot of campaign.

campaign resultscampaign resultsAd campaign resultsAd campaign results

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Hello GracieLu

There is a difference between cost per result and website purchase conversion.

1) Cost per result is the value that Facebook is costing you for your ads. In your case it is costing you $44.27 for 1 purchase.

2) Website Purchase Conversion is the value of the products purchased from your website. In your case, the purchase has been made around $99. Website Purchase Conversion is different from Website conversion rate

3) As far as your concern regarding your query about the orders and abandoned carts is, I think the Pixel might not be configured properly and that is why you're not able to see the orders that are placed from your website.

4) In this case, please let me know your website so I can check from my side.


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Hi thank you for the reply and clarification.

Yes if you can please let me know regarding missing order, as this is same issue with another account. Don't want to miss out on full-filling orders.