Facebook Ads Conversion Website Purchase shows No Orders in Shopify

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Hello I have attached a image below I have 56 website purchases but it is not showing orders on my Shopify Website. 


Anyhelp with this. I have contacted facebook they seem to not know whats going on.



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Hi @Rosalynmitchell,


have you checked Pixel, the diagnostics and test events? Does it show any errors or warnings? I would definitely try the test events to see if the purchase event is fired only once when a purchase is finished.


The results look definitely weird to me – reach is around 2000 and in total, the FB analytics show 56 purchases for $0.36, which doesn't make sense to me. How about your Shopify analytics? How many purchases do they show?

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Yes I was saying the same thing. I’m frustrated and don’t know what to do. It shows no orders in my Shopify. Also I’m trying to replace  my commerce account with my new one it’s not letting me do that. I have been emailing Facebook about the issue. 

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The Shopify Facebook Integration should work right away, and orders should show. If not, you may have attempted to manually add the pixel code or there may be an error that prevents some scripts from loading.

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Ok I deactivated my old ad account so it is able to replace with new commerce account  

im hoping the orders show up. It takes three days for Facebook to delete previous ad account. 

Thanks  for the info