Facebook ads for my cats accessories store - ridiculous low traffic

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Hi there,

I'm the owner of themeowlover.com - a cat accessories store

I've run a PPE ad for this product: 

I'm getting a lot of involvement: from reach of 718 I get 135 results (Post Engagement), but the problem I get  ridiculous  amount of traffic - around 8  people clicked to my website. 

Here is the ad: https://imgur.com/a/EYFdw

That amount of clicks is really really low. Its like paying a $1 per click. 
Is it what should be expected from facbook ads? Is it that bad or I'm doing  something the wrong way.

If I was getting traffic to my site I would have thought that my site should look better; but in this case I can't even get the traffic.

What do you think?

Thanks for any help,



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Hello Ron!

Usually, PPE campaign objective is set only to test out if your audience is interested/engages with the product. I would suggest that you switch to a link click campaign to get actual traffic to your site. 

Just be sure you use the same post as you used for the PPE campaign.

If you need any help let me know.

Kind Regards,

Joey @ www.joeyads.com

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First and foremost, stop wasting your money advertising immediately!

As a fifteen year digital marketing consultant the first advice that I always give new clients is to build a solid foundation that is free from technical flaw and trustworthy. From there you want to optimize what you have for conversions and then for retention. Only then should you spend money towards bringing in traffic.

Your website is not what I would ever consider trustworthy and 10 seconds of research suggests that you've done no market research of your own. I mean, look at the following two links:

You: https://themeowlover.com/collections/frontpage/products/three-levels-tower-tracks-toy

Petco: https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-toys/chasers/petstages-tower-of-tracks-cat-...

A national brand is half your price (Petsmart is the same price as you)... Not only do they have the trust that you do not but I can drive over and have that toy in my hands within 30 minutes while I must wait 14-28 days for yours. That's an insane delivery time by the way, who buys products a whole month before they need them? I can go to the link below and get it Prime in 2 days for half your price. 


This is not intended to bash you - quite the contrary - this is intended to stop you from throwing money away. Your website requires further thought and a full page-by-page evaluation before you ever get to that step.

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Hi Robert,

Thanks for the detailed and excellent anwer. 

Can we talk on skype? I may want to hire you to help me with my shopify business.


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Yes, please email me at robertseal@candored.com with your Skype info and a brief overview of what you'd like to discuss. 

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Too many CTA for one ad, I think... You have 3 CTAs: "Shop now" (in the button), "Claim yours here" and "Tag and Share" (Description). So many CTAs make people confused. I think it would be better that you focus on 1 CTA.

But wait, what is your objective? Getting click or engagement? If I was you, I would divide my campaign into 2 stages:

  • First, posting content about cats and set ads for it to get ENGAGEMENT (I assume that people who engage my ad are cat lover). Cat contents are so easy to be shared on Facebook, believe me, you don't have to pay much for that stage
  • Second, set the Facebook ad to target people who engage my previous content

This technique is Facebook remarketing.

If it does not work, you can test another flow: 3 steps:

  • Set up ad for cat content to get engagement
  • Set up ad for your store to get brand awareness, target people who engage the previous one
  • Set up ad for your product promotion, target people who click your brand ads

If you have promotion, you should mention it in your ad contents

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