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Facebook Ads Grapsification (Is this Right?) + General Website Critiques.

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I run a Geek Apparel Store. The Store is

I want it to bloom into it's own fashion and it's own line down the road with many things planned for it more than what it currently has. The store has Shirts, V-Necks, Long Sleeves, Tanks, and Hoodies. Artist create the Designs send them to me and I sell them in the store.

Goal For the store Generate Money (Obviously) To help get the artist work that create these designs Get to where I can consistently Run Charities successfully. Gain freedom from all the crappy day jobs I have endured. Help my family and help others do the same someday.

The Goals seem pointless to list here but I wanted to give an idea of the mentality behind the store. Motives and intentions.

And I want to get to a point to where I can free myself from my crappy day Jobs.

I want to know if anyone can examine my site and let me know what you feel it needs to make it a better site.

My email marketing section needs more work, I have abandoned cart and browse abandonment setup. Google analytics, Pixels set up for data tracking.

Sites that I have examined that are in similar to the same fields as myself

Should Sales be done All the time like a lot of these big players I've mentioned? Many of these run sales with a semblance of shipping prices.

Or Should I Forego sales and try having free shipping indefinitely?

There are more but I feel like it maybe overload to list too many.

Also what do you think of the site as a whole and what all can be done better?

Facebook Ads I've been researching Facebook Ads I'm like $1500 in to ad spending (Boy I gotta say for a Day jober it hurts badly). I have had some success here and there.

Figure out Which Type of Targeting is best, am I currently Using the best Targeting when I Pay for Facebook Ads.

I want to understand more about the behavior Choices - Choosing Women's / Men's / Discounted apparel - When it's mid sized ticket apparel what price range is this? - Discounted or Low ticket apparel, what price range is this?

How effective do you think Choosing These Purchase behaviors are?

  • Engaged Shoppers
  • Shopping
  • Active Credit Card users
  • Using Facebook Payments in the past 30 days
  • Choosing women's young women's, and mens apparel

Is it ever a good idea to target people who like a competitors page? Some of the ones listed above are targeting like RIPT Apparel, Teefury Etc.

For example, I typically choose Behaviors, stacked if possible then the subject the art is related to if it is targetable. The split test I've run haven't helped me figure out which is better when putting together whatever audience I'm targeting. On competitor test sometimes its had high relevance and other times its had less relevance than just targeting the fans of whatever the design is.

Is there a particular ad sequence you'd run?

For example:

Post Page Engagement ads > WC Ads to the same targeted audience PPE Ads > Lead Ads > Website Conversion Ads PPE > Traffic Ads > WC Ads

Are Awareness / Reach Ads in the marketing objective section beneficial to use? alone as a single ad or done like a combination of the ones I mentioned?

Also does anyone know or has some idea of the most effective way to run a retargeting ad on Facebook?

Also Do Lifestyle pictures work as good on Facebook as they do on Instagram? I try to keep posting consistent across all platforms but don't want to waste time if Facebook people don't care about lifestyle pictures as much as instagrammers do.

I hope to whomever answers this and sees this, that you get some useful information out of this.

I've researched back and forth and need some other eyes to if anything crack the facebook nut.

I'll share what I've learned too.

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Hi Matthew, 

Great thought and research.


I also had a look at your website and here are some of my suggestions: 

1. Free Shipping: I'd say make shipping free. Shipping cost can be a huge deterrent while making a purchase. If you don't want to take the hit, factor a flat shipping rate in your pricing. 

2. About us: Also this might be nitpicking, but on your About page, I would move the 'just so you're no bogged down by reading....' down. Buyers come to About Us to know the seller better. It's great for building trust. 

3. You have a 'I'm a coupon' in the bottom-right corner. The security badge hides it, so it's not clear what this is. Also, I think, you should make it 'Coupon' / 'Offer' rather than 'I'm, a Coupon'. 

4. Also there are too many categories. Some are under collections and then the others in the top banner. It would be better if you have one type of categorization. Too many collections /categories can confuse buyers. 


You mentioned behavioral targeting. For behavioral targeting, use Facebook's Audience Insights to create targeted audience. 

Behavioural targeting is good for increasing website visitors, but for sales / conversions, you need retargeting. You have the Facebook pixel on your website. Best would be to target your website visitors with Dynamic Product Ads, discounts / Free Shipping, etc. Dynamic Product Ads will show your visitors the products that they viewed on your website. These ads tend to give one of the highest ROIs in advertising, sometimes over 20x. 

And to drive traffic to your website, you can use OrangeTwig. In fact, you can get started with OrangeTwig for FREE right away. 

I hope this helps:)

- Akanksha