Facebook Ads has me Beyond Confused

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Hey all, I completed my shop a couple of weeks ago and have now decided to delve into Facebook Ads to see if I can get some conversions from them.  I have tried using ads before in the past and find that I get lost in trying to define my target audience.  I decided that this time I was going to take my time, and learn the ins and outs of marketing with Facebook Ads... but after a week of frustration I am almost ready to throw in the towl... It's hard for me to admit I have no idea what I'm doing, but its quite true!  I am hoping for any advice/tips on how to narrow down my target market... some questions I have:

I sell my own art/photography...how do I find a specific target as each piece of art/photography has a different subject matter.  Should I target art in general, or should I target each individual piece depending on the subject?

Should I use carousel ads of similar items (ex. floral subjects), or is it better trying to focus on one singular item?

I have made a lookalike audience from a list of 300 sales from other venues that I am successful on (Etsy, eBay, Amazon)...do you think I should use the lookalike audience for every ad and then narrow it down further?

I have read a few individuals have luck using a 3 x 3 method, or a 5 x 3 method...have any of you had success with them?  How would I lay ads out for the varied pieces of artwork with this method?

I have many other questions, but would like to keep it a minimum.  As you can see, my head as spinning as there are so many different scenarios/ and ways to market.  I know my items sell as I have luck on other venues, but I am not getting any conversions on my site...traffic, but no conversions... So I figure it is important to learn the ropes of Facebook advertising...Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  


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Interesting shop! You have a lot of different themes on your photos/art - getting people generally interested in your products might not be an easy/good way to go because of the number of topics (animals, nature, objects, etc).

In my opinion, you have two ways to start - depending on what you want.

1. Build an art brand - if you want people to buy your work because it's your work - you have to get recognition as you, invest in ads and strategies that will give you (you as an artist) more exposure - using your name is often better/easier. Of course, it all depends on how people will react to your style. If you are more focused on your message and style then that's the way to choose. 

2. Build a store - if you want to make money on what you do, but you don't care that much about which products people actually like/buy as long as it generates $ then you should focus on getting exposition to your themes/topics.

Using carousel ads for products in the same category (like Pugs, animals, etc) is a good idea

As far as I understand 3x3 is just an organized way to test your ads. If you have to find your audience any way to start is good. IMO in your case, it would more like 1 theme - 3 groups - 3 types of ads, not 1 shop - 3 themes - 3 ads each. It could help you find an audience for that theme/topic.


Rember that getting traffic is not the goal - if you have a lot of traffic and no sales - the ad/strategy doesn't work. Check the engagement on your traffic - time spent, page views per visits etc


Good luck!

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Hi Lauren,

First of all, I must say I really liked your store, it has a very delicate design which fit to to your niche. And your artwork is beautiful! 

As for advertising on Facebook, there's no one rule of thumb that can tell what's right or wrong when advertising on Facebook. Sure, there are basic techniques that are commonly used but in the end it's all about trying and checking what works, along with targteing you ads to the correct audience.

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