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Facebook Ads Help

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Looking for some help related to running FB ads. If you can help and REALLY know FB ads and targeting and ad creation, please drop your email below.

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Are you looking for a freelancer? Or for an app to manage your FB ads?

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Running facebook ads is a powerful tool.  Keep in mind that most successful shopify stores run some type of funneled system.To answer your question there or many steps to running successful facebook ads.

First, you must install facebook pixel, With out it You're facebook advertising is useless.

Second, all of your time should and will be spent in facebooks audience insights. It is important to know who you are selling to.

Third, targeting greatly depends on what product or service you are offering.

Fourth, add creation is not difficult at all. You know your product best and after audience insights you would know your customers better.    

There are many ins and outs to running a successful facebook campaign. If you install facebook pixel and spend your time in facebooks audience insights and you'll be well on your way.


Feel free to contact me any time.  

L Nunn

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Hi jweb, I can give you some tips and walk you through how you can create prospecting and retargeting Ads with dynamic Facebook Ads. Here are some resources that will teach you how to do Laser targeting with Facbook Audience Insights and how to use Facebook Custom Audiences

If you want to automate your Facebook Ads, you can signup on AdGeek and automate your Facebook advertising, from prospecting to retargeting. AdGeek automatically finds and attract new customers through automatic interest mining and lookalike audiences + free Ad creatives. AdGeek also handles your retargeting campaigns.

You can also get one of our Facebook Marketing Experts to handle your advertising needs, but I must be honest, that will cost you a little. Using the app is a less expensive option as compared to hiring an expert but the choice is yours. If you are a beginner and new to selling online, then I would advice you hire an expert since that will come with added benefits which incudes

  • marketing strategy,
  • concept generation & design,
  • google analytics setup
  • and store optimization 

But if you are not beginner and you really understand the online selling game, then I will advice you use the AdGeek app to automate and optimize your Ads for higher ROI.

If you are interested in hiring an expert or want any further information, contact me at or


Ben, Facebook Marketing Expert @ AdGeek