Facebook Ads - How to get first sale

Facebook Ads - How to get first sale

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Hello everyone, 


I launched my e-commerce store last year and finally got a chance to run Facebook Ads a few weeks ago. Over the last two weeks, I spent about $200 on a campaign, but haven’t had a single sale yet.
I can see a lot of traffic on my website based on Google Analytics but no adds to the cart. Tried lowering prices, promotions and discounts, but no results at all. 
I know it takes a lot of time and effort, but I'm just wondering what I'm doing wrong and what can help to get my first sale.

I'd really appreciate your feedback and advice. 
My store URL: 



Thank you!

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how did you find a solution? Do you mind to share with me or advice someone who can help me? 

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Work on ads creative, add more new int also we can try advantage+ campaign with new ads creative 

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You have really made some solid progress in terms of bringing traffic to your store. And while you have still tried out some tips, I will say that yes this process takes time and you should focus on continuous improvement of your ads. 


Apart from that, I will also suggest you to:


  • Target the right audience. Ensure that your ads are reaching your target audience. And for the same, I will advise you to narrow down your targeting based on interests, demographics, etc. 

  • Try different ad formats. Did you try A/B testing or checking which ad format/visuals, etc., are working for your ads? If not, please do and double down on what’s working. 

  • Make sure that your landing pages are well-optimized. Ensure that the pages where readers are landing load fast and are of high quality. 

  • Focus on retargeting ads. This is very important. As you mentioned, there is traffic but from the user’s side, you are not seeing events like ‘add to cart’, etc. So, run retargeting ads that can remind them of what they viewed and nudge them to return and make a purchase.

  • Use Facebook Pixels to track conversions from your ads. These would also help you with data to retarget potential customers who didn’t make a purchase in the first go. 

And since we are talking, I will suggest you use AdNabu’s Facebook Pixel app. Inside the app you can create new pixels and easily set up events you want to track. Not only that, but you will get detailed analytics for each event. 


Plus, you do get unlimited server-side tracking with Conversion API. And in case you are stuck somewhere, you get 24/7 support from certified professionals. 


Hope this answers your questions and helps you.

Masoomi Saxena | Content Writer @ AdNabu

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