Facebook Ads keep on getting banned, Account Permanently Restricted

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Hi all,

I'm new to the dropshipping business. I've setup my website and just about to be ready to market my products via FB ads.

But FB doesn't play nice. I have personal accounts that I've used for many years, I try to create an ads, and facebook ask me to verify my ID.

I send my ID, but for some strange reasons it says my ID is not valid, then FB permanently disabled my account no question asked and no option to appeal. 

*I provide a goverment issued official ID

From there, I just realise FB is very bad at customer service. I can't find any way to speak with a real human in FB to resolve this issue.

I've read many article with people having similar issue like me. I've tried to create a new account, and I just found out It will just make things even worse (IP banned etc).

I feel a bit helpless, because as far as I understand, FB & IG ads is the most effective platform to market & create brand awareness of your product.

With other platform like Google ads, it's only good if people already know about the product (because people only search what they know right?).

I've tried twitter ads as well, but for new business account, it has to wait for approval as well.

Anyone has advice for Ads platform that's easy to use and effective?

Thank you


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The day I started with Shopify and used their FB sales channel function my accounts were permanently restricted from advertising. In two weeks I have confirmed my identity via DL twice and Confirmed address via MAILED code. This has been a horrible experience. I have appealed and the review request was rejected with no second level appeal available. 


If you find a solution, please update us. 

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Same problem for me as well. 
Started advertising, then they just restricted my page, the business  page as well. 
We are that stage now I have to send one of my government ID.

But after I read this not sure what to do now. 
Please update us if you have new information.

Thank you

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I am now going on my third identity and address verification in a month. Again my appeal was automatically rejected after confirming my identity because FB and IG are owned by FB, my instagram business account is also disabled from placing ads or linking my products. I found out from a Youtube video that humans are not even reviewing the appeals. It is done by AI now. Before linking my FB account to Shopify this had never happened. Shopify needs to work this out with FB. So discouraging.

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Hello there. Been in that exact situation and almost gave up. Until I found this solution I saw on one of the forums here. You can search for Arcane Account Solution. I got a remote desktop with a US IP address.  I have been using it for a few months now and honestly, I am impressed by the service. BTW, they also take care of the ID verification. You can try and reach out to their customer line. They are so responsive. Hope this helps! Good luck to you!

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You Should do setup all the Facebook Settings first like privacy setting, Two Factor Authentication, your account also should be Email Verified.

Please read about Facebook Integrity and Authenticity Policy before creating ads on Facebook.



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Water is wet. I had done all of those things. And now have done them multiple times.