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Facebook Ads not as effective anymore

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Has anyone else noticed that it is getting harder to reach audiences on Facebook now? I have tried everything to increase visitors and sales but I hardly get any traffic anymore and the sales have dried up.

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Facebook ads are not a "set it and forget it" type deal.

When you say harder to reach audiences, can you be more specific?

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Well a couple of months ago with the same budget I could get 4 times more video views than I do now. I have tried changing the audiences etc.

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Maybe you need a facebook ads expert to help you. I still think facebook and google was the best place to get traffic.

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I agree with everybody above: you shouldn't apply "set up and forget" approach for facebook ads.

Test different audiences, creatives, wordings, messages, rich media options etc.

There are so many things that could impact your traffic and sales.

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Hope it helps.

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Hi Cool Titan, 

Nice site by the way - I can imagine those products doing well with paid traffic. 

There is certainly anecdotal evidence floating around that Facebook ads are not getting the same reach as before. 

Whether that is true or not, the main thing to remember about advertising is that you have to stay nimble.

Not only should you be continually testing ads on a specific platform, you should also set aside some time to test entirely different platforms.

Each platform always goes through a wild-west style period when running ads is almost like printing money. Then it gradually becomes saturated and the fast-movers leave and go to the next high-growth platform. 

I don't know if Facebook is at that stage yet - but that day will arrive sooner or later. 

Here's an article my colleague Michael wrote on the topic - The Priceless Secret To Ever-Improving Ecommerce Results.

Good luck! 

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Hey Titan,

Where did you learn about Facebook marketing?

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You probably did not target the right people.

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Hi there,

There are a couple reasons you may be seeing the effectiveness of your Facebook ads tapering off. Your ads are one of the most important aspects of your brand. Without compelling ads, it is almost impossible to generate traffic to your actual website.

Here are a couple tips to help you troubleshoot:

  • How are you creating your target audience? If you are currently doing it manually, you may want to try Lookalike audiences. This will help you market your products to those who are most likely to buy them, based on previous customers with similar buying habits. If you aren’t quite sure how to create a Lookalike audience on your own, Pollen is a great app that does the hard work for you.

  • I find that in many cases, a decrease in the effectiveness of your ads has to do with targeting issues. If you are targeting the wrong audience, it can be a huge waste of time and money. It is important to hone in on exactly what demographic you are trying to market to rather than trying to nail down an audience through trial and error. Again, Shopify apps like Pollen are great for narrowing down the proper target audience for your brand.  

  • Lastly, as a user mentioned above, Facebook ads are not “set it and forget it”. You must keep your ads dynamic and evolving. Facebook ads generate a lot of traffic in the beginning because it is the first time your audience is viewing your ad and your products. However, if you don’t change up your ads, customers will get bored seeing the same ad over and over again. Experiment with different types of ads, layouts, and call to action buttons to keep your brand exciting and relevant.

Hopefully this helps! Happy Advertising!

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Finally, I was banging my head against the wall regarding this and was searching everywhere if it was me or there are others who are facing this. Here is my story. My Store is super successful until the day when Facebook changed things in January first week. 

My traffic fell almost 50-60 %. BTW, Our Facebook budget is not small and it typically runs in thousands of dollars! I am also one of the selected few small business customers where Facebook asks me for feedback everytime a new feature is released. I think that there are some serious changes which are done this Jan and I don't think Facebook is going to be the same going forward. We cut down our budget a lot now as this is a new reality and I am not sure where else we have to spend.

I didn't change a thing as far as ads are concerned as they have always been running like that for so many years since the beginning and so, I don't see a reason why it will suddenly drop.

Any kind of input is welcome! I can also tell you that we use Look Alike and Mail Chimp and every other tool to have a reasonable traffic. This is truly disappointing from Facebook side as they always say that they want to support Small business but if my conversion rates go so high then I can't survive. If we cough up any more money, we will just be selling without any profits. We obviously don't want that.

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I posted on this a few days ago..

Yes, 100% agree. FB advertising for us is pretty much a waste of money now. Like seriously, I don't even know if they are showing our ads to our target audience. We are not even expecting immediate sales, since our business is for occasions.. but we don't even get real clicks from U.S. Last time we advertised, most of our clicks came from Peru and Philippines (and I specifically set it to target those living in United States). Of course FB analytics only showed a few clicks from U.S. at a cost of $8.75 PER CLICK! Which is a joke.. but Google Analytics shows Peru and Philippines. And a few U.S. clicks we get, are almost always 100% bounce rate! A year ago this time when our store was a fraction of what it is today we were getting decent clicks and bounce rate was pretty good. FB is a big piece of scam for advertisers.