Facebook Ads Objectives - Need Help Please.

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I had a question about fb ads - I am still new to this any help will be greatly appreciated! 

1) How do I change my current adset from Content View to Add to Cart objective without losing all the data my content view adset has been collecting for optimization in finding the best target audience for me? If I duplicate the ad set and change the objective to add to cart, will it start from 0 again? Or would it resume were the Content view adset left off in terms of all the data it has been collecting on optimizing my audiences?

2) Should you use ads for different products in the same adset or should they be ads of the SAME product but different creative variations of that ad?

3) When creating different adsets - how much overlap should there be in regards to target audience amongst the different adsets?

4) When should you use lookalike audiences

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