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Facebook Ads Old Audience group

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I am running a facebook ads campaign for a watch store (for reference: I initially started with a narrow targeting similiar to competitors, but couldn't get good CTRs or Results. I then switched to a very broad audience and gathered clicks to create a lookalike audience and Custom Audience for Retargeting. Now, I noticed, that mainly women 65 + are clicking on my ads and thus make up the biggest part of my Custom and Lookalike audience. I didn't think that this group would by my products ( I was thinking of 20-34), and up to now, they are not buying anything. Should I exclude this group from my audience and start a new audience of younger women (which haven't been so keen to click on my Ads) or let facebook do the learning and trust it's decision, that older women will click & convert?

Thank you!


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Dear tirichl,


You can exclude that group as they are not your targeted one. 

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