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How would you suggest me to optimize facebook ads in Bags niche ?
I tried to optimize it by selecting people who are interested in similar e-stores like primark, asos, etc.
Selected only 2 countries. about 7million possible reach.
After an hour i got around 160 facebook ad views (not website views) and spent 1.70€ from a budget of 20€ for 2 days. I stopped my ads because i don't think that that's a good optimization.

Any advices? 
Any help will be appreciated.

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Bumba - First, target small segments around 150k or so, and run multiple ads with slightly different value propositions to see which gets the most traction. 7 million is too many people to do any real micro-targeting.

Selecting competitor audiences is a great tactic if you can find one big enough. Pick one or two of them to get your audience number high; usually a couple million, few hundred thousand. Then narrow your audience by adding a new segment like "location". In one country's ad use something they'd understand and resonate with, while creating another Ad Group/Ad for the other country; do the same thing. Talk to their specific pain points, location, intersts, etc... Not just based on product interest.

I would go another level down on my targeting however. While you can target genders - women with certain bags, men with others. I would use some audiences around the keywords "shoppers," "shopping," "online shopping," etc. I forget which represents people that have bought online within the last week. But play with different keywords to see what you pull up. ProTip: Find "behavior" keywords, not "interest" keywords, as those are more likely to convert.

Now you're targeting certain countries, based on competitors audiences, which you've narrowed to online shoppers and other specifics. You should try to narrow even more with keywords like "travelers", "carryons," etc. to find niche audiences that will appreciate your products the most. Hitting 7 million with a wide net make ROI impossible. Again, built and save audiences that are around 100-200k.

In the photo attached you can see what I've done with my site qualitybreeds.com. See more of my social ad posts on this forum: https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/ecommerce-marketing/t/facebook-ad-conversion-problem-489248#comment-...

https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/ecommerce-marketing/t/what-marketing-channels-should-a-newbie-focus-... (see last reply)  

I help 13 stores drive $80k a month in sales. I've packaged what I've done for them into one nice report for cheap: https://chemist.agency/product/personalized-ecomm-report/

Make it great! 

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You'll have to do far better targeting then people interested in Asos. Those people can be interested in any number of items. Your best bet is to build a custom audience off a customer list of 2000+. If you're not at that stage yet, it is harder. I recommend targeting 3 highly relevant interests with AND logic, not OR. Connect Explore can help you further with finding niche Facebook interests that advertisers aren't already polluting (which jacks up the cost and makes it harder to get the required ROI): https://connectio.io/connectexplore/

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When you start a campaign on FB, there are many factors that play an important role. 

as you said, you filtered the interest and the country only. if you are selling school bags you should target the specific age group. if you don't apply a filter on age group, then if an aged person clicks on your ads you have to pay but they won't buy your bag. so there are many things to keep in mind while setting up the campaign.

apply negative filter also.

if you don't sell plastic bags and someone search for a plastic bag, you have keyword bag in your add, Google will show your ad and if the user will click on your add, your ad won't matches requirement. so learn about the negative filter.

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