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I ran a facebook ad for £5 for the day yesterday and into this morning. I received over 100 link clicks which I was happy with! (directing to my website

However when I launched shopify, the results seemed to be different to facebook in numbers. Also of concern, EVERY SINGLE click came from India. Also not one of the clicks signed up for the emailing list or even viewed a product. 

Any ideas? Just seems odd. 

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Even I run campaigns on Facebook and get Facebook page likes, now I have 18000 likes on my Facebook page but when I share my post I get only 4 , 5 likes on my page it is really odd, I guess now Facebook is giving fake likes!

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Even I run campaign and got 18000 Facebook likes but now when I share post on my page I get only 4, 5 likes seems like Facebook gave me fake likes

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I don't think it is FB scam.

We do FB Re-Marketing and ads for our site( and we get a good response every time. 

And while setting up the campaign, make sure you use all the features well. Targeted location, age and etc. for better response. If your business has nothing to do with Indian Customers, exclude them.!

Select the country, state, the city where you want to display your ad.


I hope this helps.! and last but not the least, don't select the on-click option to deduct money. 

Setup Lead ads and let me know if I can help you in that.!

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