Facebook ads show variant images instead of MAIN image. How can I fix this?

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Hello community,

I have been struggling for the past week trying to find a solution to this issue and it is surprising that there aren't many solutions that come up online for this matter.

I'D GREATLY APPRECIATE if someone can help me fix this problem where my Main product images show on FB Ads and not the variant images. 

This is key to determine the success rate of my ads, as the variant images are nowhere close to the actual product offering.

Please help!

Thanks, Tanya 

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Hi @Tanya_syd,

  • Do you use the Shopify & Facebook integration? I mean do you use Shopify as the product feed? 
  • Is this happening for all of your products? Or only for a few?
  • The main image – do you have the main image you want to show in Facebook Ads as the first one in the product page? (The main image is bigger than the rest). 
  • How many products do you have in total? And are you changing them frequently? Just asking because you can upload the catalogue to FB manually and hence determine what exact images you would like to have displayed if you can't figure it out in Shopify. However, the products won't be integrated. This means that if you add a new product to Shopify, it won't be added to the FB catalogue automatically. 

I'll be happy to discuss with you the issue further!


Send me a link to your store to niki@hey.com and I'll help you out.
For more info what I do, visit nikikozak.me
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Hi Niki,

Thanks for your response and help with this one, really appreciate it.

Here are my answers to your queries - 

1. Yes using the integration

2. Yes, happening to all products with variants - 2 currently.

3. Yes, the main image has been set currently under Products in Shopify

4. I don't have too many products, but yes I'll be making a lot more changes in the coming days as I am only starting and setting up. Some existing products and images will be modified too.

You can have a look at my website - www.littleseedling.com.au

I'd love to be able to fix this asap as my ads are not looking good. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Niki and Tanya, 


What is the solution for this? My merchant is dealing with the same issue. Thank you! 

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Hi! Was this ever resolved? I have just integrated FB with Shopify and have 50+ products, all with several variants and thus the same issue. I'm starting to think I'm going to have to do all of this manually and delete the feed? 

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I have exactly same problem, just published the Facebook store and all products are showing the variant image instead of the Main image, looks horrible because the main images are all modelled and the variant images are flat.