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Hi everyone ! I launched my first store two days ago and already run Facebook & Instagram ads, I target about 10 countries but 90% of my customers are from Greece, why is this? Is it because of the interest? When choosing interest in foreign countries where the official language isn't English do I have to add interest in their language? Sorry I'm quite new to this so any advise will be much appreciated. Thank you

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Hi Dwax,


Facebook always tries to find the cheapest results (default settings), provided you haven’t changed it could be the reason why you have most purchases (results) from one country. Plus, as you suggested, you may have choosen interests which are most relevant for Greece.

As for the interest, you don’t need to include interests in other languages unless it’s something specifically written in that language. 

Hope it helped!

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Facebook Ads Targeting

Here are some of the steps to advertise on Facebook and target your desired audience.

Step 1. Choose an objective of your ad campaign.

Step 2. Then name your campaign that you should remember.

Step 3. Set your budget for the Campaign and schedule.

Step 4. Then Target your audience according to your need.



Step 5.After that choose your Facebook ad placements.

Step 6. Set brand safety and cost controls as it is important to be on your safer side.

Step 7. And finally Create your Facebook ad.