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Facebook ads traffic to my Shopify store but no sales

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Hi there,

I have been running Facebook traffic ads to a product page on my shopify store. I've been paying 0.15 dollars for a click which is really decent in my opinion and got 60 visitors - nothing.
I don't get an sales and worst than that - no add to carts.


I'm selling pet car harness and the product page is:

I would be thankful for any ideas how to improve this situation. What's wrong?

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Hi @yronen1. There may be many reasons why that's happening:


1. You don't have enough data yet

Before reaching the 100 sessions (absolutely minimum) it's hard to make any conclusions. A solid store can have a conversion rate between 1.5 and 3%. If you're starting it's ok to assume a lower starting conversion rate for many reasons. If you don't even have 100 sessions, you can have enough data to see where you stand.


2. Your add is badly set up

It's possible you're targeting the wrong audience or attracting visitors who have no interest on your product or at least are not interested yet on purchasing it. You can optimise your campaign in order to get better traffic.


3. Problems with your website / product page

There are a couple of things that may put your clients off:

A. Why are you using that weird accent colour everywhere? It doesn't seem to fit your brand at all. Make it simple to yourself and use your logo colours across the website for a clearer identity
B. Try to unify your typography. Right now there are too many different fonts which don't fit together and make the store look less professional and trustworthy

C. If anyone bothered to scroll down, they'll see this very strange copy:

D. You can install a service like HotJar, FullStory or Smartlook to see the heatmaps and visitor recordings. That may help you see what your customers are struggling with in that specific page.

E. Even if someone would add to cart, they'll find many other issues which would stop them from buying: the checkout is not set up properly (no logo, no brand colours) + just PayPal as a payment method (I know you can pay by card with it, but many people will leave when they see that's the only payment option)


4. Product issues

Besides all this, it's also possible that nobody is willing to pay the price you're asking for a product of that kind and still wait 2 weeks to get it. I don't know the market so I'm just suggesting this could be an issue and you need to study your competitors before ruling out this possibility.


Hope this helps you 👍


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Hi Your store looks great! 


Few inputs to consider:

For Facebook ads, you'd want to learn how to only target the audience that drives you add-to-carts and sales to get good ROAS. Use Dynamic ads and make sure your ads investment leads to getting value and learning who is your most likely to purchase audience by capturing the people who visited your store, added to cart and purchased, try using Facebook ads with our new Smart Ads app to help you get there fast from first audience targeting to full optimization: with


All the best!


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hey you can also try to work with instagram influence because people want to see someone they trust before to purchase on website they don't know and to see some reviews on Youtube I'm working on fiverr if need instagram influence here the link i can help you
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Your page is poorly designed. It raises a lot of red flags. So many problems. Pictures are bad. no colors scheme. At the shipping part you tell people they will have to wait and products come from all over the world. makes it look like your not a real company that makes these products. So they're is no guarantee. Im not goin to get full into it buy you should hire someone that can design the site for you and make it look good and the copy read well. Hope this helps.

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Hi @yronen1,


How's your traffic going so far? In my opinion, no-one can say for sure what you should do just by looking at your store. You need to understand store visitors and their behaviors first. 

  1. First off, review your ads targeting and make sure they fit with your target audience
  2. Install Google Analytics to track traffic to your store: On which pages they land, their demographic information, which pages have the highest conversion rate, etc.

Only by understanding website visitors can you find out where the problem is and fix it.


You can start with this article about how to use Google Analytics to understand your customers. It covers the fundamentals to track to understand store visitors.


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Thank you for the tip. I have google analytics installed. Still not understanding why sales are low.