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Facebook ads with no account

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Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum after just launching my store last week.

I wondered what everyone’s opinion is and what help you could all give me.

Im looking to run Facebook ads but I don’t have Facebook and haven’t for a long time. I’ve gone on to Facebook a couple of times now and made a personal page that’s focused around my Niche, but within 24 hours Facebook have blocked it.

So my question really is do I have to build a successful page with 100s of followers before I can successfully run ads? Or can I just make any old page with no content and run ads from that?


Doing some research I’ve seen you can run FB ads without a page but they are limited, which is not what I want.


So what are my options?


Thank you in advance!!

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Hi Jonathan,

Why don't you create a new Facebook page for your new business?

Your page will have less social proof than one with millions of likes, but any page will work better than none in this case 🙂 - no-fluff ecommerce marketing advice