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Hello, I am currently trying to do facebook ads, but I am having a lot of trouble. I currently have like 280 reach and only 8 clicks. I cant figure out the best way about going about this. If someone could help me I would really appreciate it. My email is edwardmagruder@hotmail.com

My site is animaltrends.shop

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Google ads are great if you do them right. What have you tried so far?

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The only thing I have tried is facebook ads. Could google ads give me more conversions than facebook?

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Hey Edward,

Here are my recommendations. I'd start with Facebook prospecting and retargeting for now, and then move on to AdWords. When it comes to scaling up FB advertising, I find companies aren't successful because their audience targeting may be off. You may think you're targeting the right audience, but a tiny mistake can waste hundreds of dollars. 

Here are my suggestions (with some self promotion thrown in 🙂

1. Understand your target market

You have to research your target market. Knowing the customer demographics helps you design ads based on target audiences. It can be pretty hard to know who your target market is, but machine learning apps on Shopify can automatically identify the best audiences for you.

2. Ad Design

You can design the ads yourself or work with an agency to develop them. They will design various types of ads, such as video ads, static image ads, full-page takeovers, animated images, and so on. Include a clear call to action (CTA) in your images to entice people into clicking on them. A CTA is basically a button that says Learn More, Buy Now, Sign Up Now, etc.

3. Optimization

There are many levels of optimization that help in producing the best results. The optimization techniques include:

  • Testing ad frequency
  • Experimenting with the time of placing ads
  • Placing different ads to different people
  • Testing ads on various sites

4. Monitor performance

The final task is to monitor ad performance. Make sure the ads provide the desired outcome. If they aren’t meeting your goals, there is something wrong with the landing page, ads, or other things.

Shopify Advertising App Recommendations

Pollen: Pollen enables you to acquire customers on Facebook and across the web simply and cost effectively. Through powerful automation, Pollen offers an easy-to-use marketing platform that’s sole expertise is in driving sales. It takes as little as 2 minutes to set up a campaign.

Put your Facebook Ads on Autopilot - http://gopollen.com
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Hey Edward! Very cool store.

Your question about advertising to grow sales is a smart one. Wanted to add my $0.02:

The most significant evolution of advertising is the concretization of the purchase funnel in the digital era. Before digital performance marketing emerged, an effective ad was measured based on what people said through surveys and focus groups, churning out top of the funnel metrics like ad awareness, ad perception and ad retention scores.

Think of it this way:

The old way: Research, think a lot, execute. 

The new way: Think with agility, test a lot, optimize.

But one thing that doesn't change, whether you run performance or traditional marketing, is that your ad has to look good. Modern images and graphics are so aesthetically rich that digital consumers have been spoiled for high quality creative. Your goal is to get various formats of high-quality creative of your products (product, lifestyle, videos) and test every single one of them.

Anyhoo, we wrote a useful post about these kinds of ad creative tips, if you want to read more:


Hope those insights help! Keep it up…

CEO of Metric Digital @ www.metricdigital.com
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I have a question. Would you recommend Google AdWords. I heard it gets more sales than Facebook 

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Hi Edward,

If you are just starting out, I know how frustrating it can be trying to navigate Facebook ads on your own. The good news is, you’re on the right track. Advertising with Facebook is one of the best ways to increase, and maintain, your brands visibility - if you do it correctly. Facebook provides powerful and insightful analytics to help you market your brand to the correct audience, with results! However, if you decide to do it manually, it can be time consuming, confusing, and perhaps ineffective.

You are definitely headed in the right direction, however, you may just need a little help. I’d like to suggest one of Shopify’s awesome machine learning apps called Pollen (https://apps.shopify.com/poln) to make your experience with FB ads a little more smooth. Pollen specializes in making sure your ads are being seen by the right people. Their app enables you to acquire customers on Facebook and across the web simply and cost effectively. Through powerful automation, Pollen offers an easy-to-use marketing platform that’s sole expertise is in driving sales.

If the correct demographic is seeing your ads, clicks will inevitably turn into purchases. It may take time to get you there, but Pollen can definitely help your expedite the process.

Hopefully this helps! Good luck on your advertising journey!

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Are you sure that you do Facebook ads with your target audiences?

I have seen many people who are not sure with this. You should make sure it before doing Facebook ads. I don't feel that doing Facebook ads we get result zero. Such becomes when we don't have enough knowledge of it. I also have seen many people who get a good enough benefit from Facebook ads.

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Facebook Ads can be very tricky. It is very important that you are targetting the right audience. You have to think about location, age, etc. You wouldn't want to show an ad for rain boots in an area that never rains. Little details like that matter when it comes to advertising. 

You will also want to create different types of ads like a photo, video, and retargeting. Video ads are becoming a huge hit right now. Studies show that 7 seconds is the perfect timing for a Facebook video to capture and keep one's attention. Retargeting is super important as well. You want to show your ads to those who have looked at your website or things alike. 

Overall, make sure you have the correct audience seeing your ads to make them efficient. 

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