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Hi, new here with facebook problem.

set up new facebook accout (personal- never had one) than set up facebook page to advertise product, seemed to go ok, went to place an ad and was shut out for "security reasons".

uploaded ID but still cannot login in. i was getting disabled account errors, that has now gone away but when i login im asked to enter my phone number, i do and i get an invalid number error. I cannot go thru the disabled accout process cause my email registers as "not disabled".

i  get some repies  to my emails but they are notifications i need to login to read and cannot login for support contact emails.

very frustrating.

has anyone had sucess with facebook ads

any good alternantives, starting to look into amazon ads





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Facebook Ads work fine for me, but a great alternative is clearly Google AdWords (or Google Ads, how it's called now).

I feel like drop shipping has an insane level of competition on Facebook Ads, whereas on Google this is lower.

Also, Google tends to shutdown accounts etc. much less. Many of my clients and students got their Facebook ad account disabled at least once, this rarely happens on Google.

Another good source are influencers. They are not a self-serve way of marketing like FB and Google (which clearly is a disadvantage) but there are some hidden gems among those influencers that can help you sell your products.

Good luck!


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Hi there,

If you're having problems advertising by yourself, you might want to try AdScale.

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Let me know if it helps!


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