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Hello fellow shopifers

I launched some new ads set to conversion they are really good ad videos imo. Facebook says it doesn't have enough data if I set add to conversion its doing very poorly.

When I set the same add on atc or view content. I get 0.95 eu for atc cpc 0.09 really good numbers. Is it good for to just run ads first that are set for traffic atc or payementcheckout to collect more data and then make ads for conversion?

Should I let my conversion ad run or delete them only run atc traffix payementcheckout ads and wait for more data?

I normally never had this probem I just set it to conversion and it runs. Now it's says the ad probably wont get any conversion bcs of lack of data...

Regards and thank for the response ! 🙂

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Hey @HOCL ;

This is what i have to say from my experience with facebook ads. Reagarding Facebook showing no conversions for your budget ; this is due to your pixel not having enough data but dont let that scare you . It will eventually go away when you gather data.

At this point what i would suggest is ;

Run A/B test. 

1 campaign Optimizing For ATC/ IC

1 campaign Optimizing for purchases 

Let them both run for at least 3 days and evaluate the ROAS for both of the campaigns . 

If you are getting ATC at .9 eu you may as well want to retarget that custom audience. 

You may also want to check if your custom audience of 95% VV is more than 5000 (roughly) . If so start testing lookalikes as well .