Facebook Advertising Fraud (bot clicks)... Beware!

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So I couldn't let this go without posting about it. If you're considering advertising with Facebook, I suggest you read this post and don't blow your money on this giant scam of a company. We've tried advertising on Facebbok over and over again and something just never felt right. This time, we set a larger ad budjet just to make sure we can rely on the metrics. Generally speaking, our bounce rate on our site (from AdWords, organic Instagram and FB clicks, direct visits, and organic search) is about 45%, which is decent. And many visitors go through 10-30 pages per visit. Now we didn't expect that from facebook advertising, but we also didn't expect a 100% (99.6% to be exact) bounce rate from 248 clicks with average time spent on site being <00:00:01 (we did have 1 person spend 8 seconds on the site yay). So clearly, these aren't real people but bots because there is no way a real person can open look at a page and close it in less than a second.

Wait, it gets better... Our ad was set only to run for people "currently living in United States".. Guess where majority of our clicks cam from? Not United States! 146 from Peru, 57 United States, 44 Philippines, and 1 India. 

So yeah. I know Facebook was just hit with a class action lawsuit for their inflated video ad metrics (and surprisingly no major media picked up or reported on it!) But they should absolutely also be sued for not running your ads to the selected target audience AND clearly having bot clicks hike up your click rate which you pay for!


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Your thinking is not right.Facebook is a great social media for marketing your products.

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I want to tell you one thing that your rivals can also do the same thing. if your ads are shown to them, they can just click and close the ads to harm you. I have seen some people who do such. we know that in paid ads we cant get 100% genuine clicks but it's unbelievable that Facebook gives us bots clicks.



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