Facebook Advertising is an Absolute Nightmare, Please Help

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Hi all, 


I have recently opened a Shopify, mindspringretreat.com.  

I know that in some sense the real work only begins once you've got your shop conversion-optimised and you actually have to begin advertising/marketing and driving traffic to your store, but I have now spent 1-2 weeks struggling in vain with Facebook Ads, with almost no results, and a million issues, and I desperately need some advice on how I should go about things.

Long story short, after I made my personal Facebook account (since I don't use social media and I had to make a brand new account since I've never had one), it has been suddenly and inexplicably disabled FOUR times.  Each time I am given no information as to why, and all I can do is wait up to ~48 hours for it to be re-enabled again (after doing bot checks and having to attach my driver's license a couple times).  I've been doing nothing sketchy whatsoever and it's all a great mystery.  I finally started making ads about 3 or 4 days ago, and then 1 or 2 days into my ads my Personal FB account got disabled once more, and then after it came back up again about 24 hours later, despite the fact that both my ad said "Active" they did not appear to be driving any reach/impression whatsoever.  So then I decided I would make copies of those ads, deactivate the originals, and then activate the copies.  However, after fumbling my way through publishing the copies, and getting an error message 3 or 4 times in a row because I couldn't find what I was supposed to change/fix, I think I triggered some sort of fail-threshold, which then resulted in my Facebook ADS account being disabled...

And that's where I am now, personal FB account disabled 4 times, one of those times the ads I already had going were cut off midway, and then when I try to fix them my entire FB Ad account gets disabled too!


At any rate, Facebook Ads have been a complete disaster for me and I need an alternative effective means of getting people to my site in the short term.  For long term I'm currently doing what I can to optimise SEO, but I need some way of driving traffic more immediately.


All help greatly appreciated.  

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What are the most effective immediately fruit-bearing advertising/marketing methods besides Facebook Ads?  Most of the tutorial series I've been following pretty much frame Facebook Ads as the end-all be-all when it comes to effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, so not being able to use them, and having wasted almost 2 weeks mucking around with them without any sales is really frustrating.  I'm still implementing SEO but that's much more long-term and I'd like to try and get the right people to my store as soon as poss.  What alternatives should I pursue?


Thanks !

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If not FB Ads, try PPC!

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