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How can I maximize Facebook ads and attract merchants to my link? 

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There are many tips like here on how to best exploit the Facebook ads:

However, it will still be on trial and error basis - to get the text right, to get the picture right and etc. 

Would you like me to share the technical aspects on what you could improve in facebook adv excluding pic and text itself?

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Hi Jacob, Facebook advertising is my domain and I get a lot of people asking this question. I am assuming that you have started getting some traffic to your website.

1. One way to optimize facebook advertising is to use Facbook's custom audience. Custom audience allows you to target specific kind of people like  

  • people that have purchased from you,
  • people that viewed a particular product or
  • even your cart abandoners.

Here is a great resource on how to use Facebook custom audience .

2. You can also optimize your Facbook prospecting (acquiring new customers) by using Facebook look alike audience. 

Targeting people based on interest and location is good but targeting people using look alike audiences is better. You can use the emails or phone numbers of your existing customers to target people who have characteristics, interest and an online profile similar to your exisitng customers. This increases the probability of targeting people who are likely to purchase your product and promise you this is far better than targeting people using interest. Here is a resource to get you started on how to create look alike audineces on Facebook here .

3. My favourite Facebook Ad ROI maximization trick is Re- targeting with Dynamic product Ads!. 

On the average 95% of ecommerce traffic leave with out making a purchase, retargeting also known as remarketing is way of reaching back to your cart abandoners, product viewers and website visitors. This increase the chances of purchases to about 70%. According to wishpond retargeting can lead to higher conversion rate of about 147% over time in certain industries. Retargeting with dynamic Facebook Ads is one of the secret fomulars used by top marketers. Here are the steps to set-up a retargeting campaign with dynamic ads.

  • install facebook pixel on your store
  • Create a product feed from your inventory
  • Create a product catalog on facebook and connect your product feed
  • Create your various custom audiences
  • Create your dynamic product Ad campaign

Although, retargeting with dynamic product Ads is a great marketing option setting it up can be tedious. There are third party applications that allow you to set up your re-targeting campaigns in minutes. One of the best applications is AdGeek. AdGeek  enables you to setup retargeting campaigns in seconds. You can try it here

Moving Forward....

Make analytics your friend.Always check what is working and what is not; analyze - restrategize - - adapt. 

You can contact me with any further questions at