Facebook analytics undercounting conversions by 80%. Why?

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We realised our Facebook analytics is only showing 20% of the actual sales in Shopify. That means that much of our conversion information is missing and the LLAs created is inaccurate.

As an example, under FB analytics, the Revenue for the last 28 days is $4K, but in Shopify, the actual sales number is closer to $20K.

How do we troubleshoot this? The Chrome FB Pixel helper shows that everything is fine.

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Do you know that all of your sales are coming from FB or do you have another source of traffic? Typically, FB will show a higher numebr than the website because FB takes credit for anyone that has seen an ad (even if they did not click) then purchased. Is $20K the total amount of sales in the last month, or what you think should be coming from FB? Do you have Google Analytics setup? If not, that could be an easy way to test - you can then see how GA tracks vs Shopify vs FB to have another source of data.


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Hi Steve,

Just to make sure, I am not talking about the conversions under the Facebook Ads Manager. I'm talking about Facebook Analytics. (https://www.facebook.com/analytics)

In any case, the total revenue recorded under Gacebook Analytics is only 4K but both actual sales in Shopify and Google Analytics is ~20K. 

Wondering why this is so.