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Hi Everyone,


We're in the process of setting up Facebook Business Manager to run some retargeting campaigns.


We have one brand but operate 2 separate stores, one for the Australian market and a second store for the USA. We have everything connected for the Australian store but have hit a bit of a roadblock connecting the USA store.


Since it is all one business, our intention was to operate 2 ad accounts (one for each store) with their own pixel and catalog etc. under the one business account. However, since it's a new business account we're currently limited to 1 ad account only.


My question is whether it's possible and advisable to set up the USA store as a second data source (with its own pixel) under the same ad account?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hello there,

As you have two ads account and you want to manage both the different account with their corresponding pixels !
>>As you have already mentioned, that you are using the facebook business manager. SO you have an advantage of using more than one facebook ads account and facebook page while managing them under single business manager.
>>Just you need to keep in mind that the pixel are correctly implemented in the accurate ads account i.e say for example if you have a pixel for USA account then that should be connected to ads account of USA one only.

Hope so i helped you out with full information. Do let me know if you need any other adv


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ok i just went through the process of getting my personal fb account unrestricted omg that was scary ;).


now my question is do i need 2 ad accounts for my 2 different shopify stores? trying not to get restricted again so bing extra careful 😉

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We have the same issue. Multiple stores with multiple currencies and locations. And we want to tag a product in Instagram and show the prices/availability based on the location of the customer. 

So did anyone do this method described here succefully? 

I feel like the season ended at a climax and I have to wait for the next Season! 

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Hi, we are wondering the same. Our setup:

* One brand
* One Shopify store per region/currency (each store with its own prices, so not just a currency conversion).
* One single facebook account, with one pixel, one ad account, one shop/page, shared between all Shopify stores (so NOT one per store)
* Facebook app installed on each shopify store, connecting to the same ad account and pixel


So regarding facebook ads:

When setting up the "Facebook Marketing" section of Shopify's facebook app, facebook creates and syncs one catalog per store (all on the same ad account). This seems fine at first, because it makes it easy to select the catalog with the correct currency when creating ads for specific markets. BUT, when adding the pixel as an extra datasource for that catalog (which I believe is necessary if you want to use dynamic ads, correct me if I'm wrong?), the pixel starts populating each catalog with products from ALL other catalogs, since the pixel is simultaneously connected to every shopify store. This results in each catalog containing duplicates of every product for every currency.

Regarding setting up a facebook shop:

If we setup the "Facebook Shop" section of Shopify's facebook app, it forces every shopify store to connect to the same facebook shop, again creating duplicates from each store. We could choose to just connect one store since they all have the same products, but that would limit us to only using one currency.

So what is the best approach to setting up multiple shopify stores with the same products in different currencies on facebook? It seems facebook suggests to use one single, main catalog for your main currency, and then just add extra localisation feeds for each other currency to that main catalog. To achieve that, does it mean we must NOT use Shopify's facebook app setup to connect the additional shopify stores to the facebook shop? Do we instead manually have to create our own feeds, store them on a server and add them as datasources to facebook? I have a feeling that this is the correct approach, but would appreciate confirmation or some guidance on how this should be handled.


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Hi. Were you able to resolve this? Please advise as we have exactly the same setup. We would like to know on how you were able to do it. 

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We gave up 😞 And we have the Instagram connected to our bigger region. But still interested if someone finds a solution! 

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Haha - Dear Shopify, I love you and would appreciate a tutorial explaining the best approach here please! 🤣

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You can setup a second pixel and have it under the same ad account. However, I would not do that. If both stores sell the exact same product. I would use one pixel for both stores and one ad account. Facebook is a people based targeting ad platform. The more data you can consolidate into one pixel, the more information Facebook will use to know which type of people convert on your brand.


We see brands do this all the time and it's a huge mistake. If you have one brand, then have one Facebook pixel and ad account. We run ads on Facebook and Instagram for brands in Oz, USA & Canada and see this hold them back. Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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I also have two shopify stores but 1 facebook account with 2 pixels and catalogues, ad accounts. The products are the same but slight variations in costs and inventory for different locations. If you receommend only having 1 Facebook store/account to service multiple locations, how do you link product to the different stores/locations and show the localised pricing?

Thanks for your help,


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To set up your stores with Facebook:

Open Store Locations in Business Manager.

Select the Page in the top menu for which you need to add stores.

Under Manage Your Store Details, click + Add Stores.

Follow the means to add store details that make a new store Page for each actual area of your business.