Facebook business page - can't edit my profile photos....

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I have a FB Business page attached to my personal profile. My FB business page is also a sales channel connected on Shopify. For some reason, I can't edit my page profile. I have the right permissions and I'm being redirected to Meta business suite and then back to FB - but still nowhere can I see how to even my profile photo on my FB business page. Help......please.

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Hi @SB919 


It's hard for us to assist here as we can't see the exact problem.


If you go to this link (but put your own business account number at the end)...


From there you should be able to edit your business profile - photo etc.


You'll also see other options in case that's not the right thing you are trying to change.


Post a screenshot here or a loom video as it might help us to understand better what's the problem.


I hope that helps...

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