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Facebook business page - SHOP tab disappeared

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Hello everybody!  So basically I was trying to modify how my catalogue showed on my Facebook business page, and in doing so, the SHOP tab has completely disappeared from my page. I've already tried switching to other templates and then switching back to the shopping template, yet the shop tab still doesn't appear. Everything is well connected on my shopify store and also on my instagram account (as shopping is working fine there). 

If anyone knows how can I solve this issue I would be much thankful as I find this whole facebook commerce manager to be the biggest pain of my life.

Here I attach some pictures of what options it shows on the shopping template (no shop tab) and also what happens if I got to what used to be my 'shop' section on my page.

Thank you once again!!


Captura de Pantalla 2020-08-29 a la(s) 2.30.11 a. m..pngCaptura de Pantalla 2020-08-29 a la(s) 2.30.05 a. m..pngCaptura de Pantalla 2020-08-29 a la(s) 2.29.47 a. m..png

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Same here! Has anyone solved this?