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I want to run ads campaigns with the help of Facebook Ads Manager. I've connected FB Pixel, created ad, adset, and campaign. In campaign dashboard I've added target metrics like Adds To Cart, checkout initiated, cost per purchase.


I am wondering now, are these metrics unique within each campaign and Facebook tracks only purchases from this specific campaign. Or are they shared between campaigns?


For example, I am running two campaign (c1 and c2) at the same time. c1 lands me 50 visitors, 10 add to cart events, cost per purchase - 40$. c2 drives 100 visitors, 20 add to cart events, cost per purchase - 35$.


Will I see on dashboard the following table?

c1 -- 50 -- 10 -- 40

c2 -- 100 -20 -- 35


If yes, then how does FB track this? Does it store something in cookie? 


P.S All my ads don't contain UTM values

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Hi @Saul- 


Yes, you would be able to see exactly the link clicks, ATC etc. that you got from every campaign, adset and ad level. 


Facebook does that through the pixel that you have installed on your store.