Facebook Channel and Shop disconnected and error re-activating

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Shopify disconnected my Facebook page from my Shopify account, and when I try to reconnect it, I get the following errors. I have already double checked that my FB Business Manager is correctly set up (meeting all the requires from Shopify - e.g. admin role, etc.).  For some reason my Instagram product catalogue also disappeared, after working perfectly for months. I could however fix this. 

Here are the specific errors I need assistance with:

1. When trying to enable the "Facebook Channel" I am asked for for a password to log into the Facebook account of the page, which I do, but then the error below is displayed. The password is correct...

Screenshot 2021-01-19 122011.png


2. When reconnecting my previous Facebook Shop (which was working perfectly and was disconnected by Shopify I suspect), I get the following error:


Screenshot 2021-01-19 121504.png


So all works fine in the connecting process until the above, and then this error message is displayed "Please approve all required permissions"


Screenshot 2021-01-19 121513.png




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Dear @MarnitzFabulous 


We will be happy to help you in this. If you need help you can contact us.