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Facebook conversion API not fully calibrated

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I`ve migrated my Facebook Pixel (with the conversion meta API) which was installed in a Tray website, to shopify.

Since then I`ve been trying to make sense on why some events such as Add to cart are not showing hits from the server, just the browser. And some other events are not looking calibrated, with discrepancies between Browser and server. The only looking good events are page view and view content.

Ive integrated the pixel via the Facebook app on shopify and have my settings aready changed to maximum. Have read loads of discussions but cant make it look good. The fact I`ve changed the pixel from another platform could be related to this desynchronized event counts? Could anyone help me troubleshoot? Thanks!

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Hello @felipemoruzzi,

Greetings! I am Gina from the flareAI app helping Shopify merchants get $7Million+ in sales from Google Search, on autopilot.

Here are some tips to help you investigate the issues you're experiencing.

* Verify the correct installation of the Facebook Pixel on your Shopify website. Utilize the Facebook Pixel Helper browser extension to confirm that the pixel is functioning properly and successfully capturing events across various pages.

* Ensure that the pixel code is present on all relevant pages, including the cart and checkout pages.

* Keep in mind that there might be a slight delay in reporting events due to factors like network latency or browser caching. Allow some time for the events to appear in the reporting section of Facebook Ads Manager.

* If events are completely missing, examine the implementation of the pixel on your website. Verify that the code is correctly placed and that there are no JavaScript errors or conflicts on the pages where the events should be triggered.

* Review the setup and configuration of your server-side integration with Shopify to ensure that events are correctly sent to Facebook.

* Check your Facebook attribution settings to ensure they align with your expectations. The attribution windows and models can influence how events are attributed to different touchpoints in the conversion journey. Adjust the attribution windows if necessary to capture events within the desired timeframe.

* Establish a test environment where you can simulate events and monitor their delivery to Facebook. Employ Facebook's Test Events tool to confirm if events are being received by the Facebook server. Additionally, utilize the Facebook Pixel Helper and Shopify's built-in reporting tools to track and troubleshoot events.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


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Hello Felipemoruzzi,

I have understood your problem. You used facebook app on your website. If you can use google tag manager for facebook pixel. Then you can track from browser and server side both correctly. 

Facebook pixel event dublication conversion api with server side tracking.png


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