Facebook Conversion Campaigns - Tracking Web Events Setup

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can anyone enlighten in detail about which tracking setup to go between "domain tracking" and "pixel-only" tracking? I realize that when it's about a conversion campaign, FB selects "domain tracking" as default instead of "pixel-only" and whenever "pixel-only" is selected, it gives the warning of "you haven't selected a domain that prioritizes your event for iOS 14.5. Your ad may not deliver to people who have opted out of tracking on iOS 14.5 or later devices."
what's the exact correct way to go?
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I got the same problem, Please HELP!

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Did you find a solution for this?


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Hey i have same problem please help 

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Hi @kyle999,

if you want to run conversions campaigns that I recommend setting up the domain tracking (you'll need to verify your domain and allow up to 8 events). After the iOS changes + ads blockers, pixel only tracking isn't much effective therefore you need to set up the CAPI (which is server-side tracking) and this helps you track the events more correctly in combination with the pixel tracking rather than only pixel tracking. 

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