Facebook Conversions WAY Too High

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Hey Guys,

Our conversions are WAY too high on Facebook ever since we switched to Conversions API Integration. Last week for instance, we '"recorded" 60 purchases out of 160 clicks which is impossible




I did a test event and everything recorded fine in the test even section of Facebook but I'm suspecting that something is amiss.

Note: We've set up the Conversions API properly from Shopify and we're on the "Maximum" Data sharing level.


1) Does anyone else have this issue? Any idea how to fix it?

2) We have some conversions being picked up by Shopify when we check "traffic by sources" but can you go down to differentiate "Paid" Facebook vs "Organic" Facebook?




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Hello FrancoisB!

There issue with fb conversion event attribute setting mistake that needed to be check by looking into it.

I can solve this issue for you



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Hi @FrancoisB,

it’s definitely weird. In the screenshot you sent, there are 5 initiated checkouts and 68 purchases, which doesn’t make sense to me.

It looks like the purchase event is firing more times than only once. Have you tried the Facebook Pixel Helper? Does it show only one purchase event? It’s hard to say where the problem is without having access to the account.

If you go to Pixel section in BM, are there any issues?

2) I think that filtering according to medium (paid, organic) is available in the advanced paid plans (not 100% sure).

Send me a link to your store to niki@hey.com and I'll help you out.
For more info what I do, visit nikikozak.me
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Email sent to you Niki!


Pathfinder, also please advise how to reach you, thanks!