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Facebook Custom Conversions For Purchase

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I've set up a Facebook Pixel on my Shopify Store and Purchases are coming in and tracking fine.


I've added a straightforward Purchases pixel to the store as I only have one Collection on there, so I don't need to differentiate between Purchases.

However, tomorrow I need to add a different Collection on there, so need purchases ringfenced on Facebook via the different ad sets.

I've experimented with getting a Custom Conversion for Purchases on specific items OR collections set up and they aren't tracking.

Using the following events and rules:

Rule: Include Purchase events where content_type equals product_group

I get every Purchase on the store.

Rule: Include Purchase events where URL contains - (then I add the list of URL suffixes). 

I get nothing

Include Purchase events where content_ids equals 1905000710214 or 1909068365894 or 1911144382534 or 1909274312774

I get nothing.

I believe that the Purchase pixel fires off on a page after checkout. How do I Create a Custom Conversion so that it relays Purchase information for specific Product / Products? 
If this is not possible, would you recommend I use the Add To Cart event linked to content_ids? That's far from ideal, as I need Purchases, but I'm running out of time.


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I have had success by doing the following: 


Instead of - Include Purchase events where content_ids equals 1905000710214 or 1909068365894 or 1911144382534 or 1909274312774


Do - Include Purchase events where content_ids contains  1905000710214 or 1909068365894 or 1911144382534 or 1909274312774

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Thank you my friend -- seems to do the trick!!!

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Use the Facebook Pixel to help see what the actual content_ids is.


Looking at one store, I don't see the viewcontent event firing on collections. Going to product pages, the value is [65901461517]. You probably need to include the opening and closing brackets if you're using equals? I know it's basic logic for an array, but maybe Facebook's logic is otherwise.

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Can you explain to me how you found the content IDs?




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Hi Dan

Download Facebook Pixel Helper on Chrome.

Go to the Product Page.

Click the Helper.

Under View Content you'll see the content ID.

"content_ids: [4479601410163]"

Set up a Custom Conversion and Conversion Event 'Purchase".

This custom conversion must meet all of these rules:

Event Paramenters > Content ID > Contains.

Bang in your content IDs.

Jobs a good'un!