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Facebook Dynamic Ads and Shopify

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I have a simple question about dynamic ad and shopify but can't find the answer on the web. Does facebook dynamic ad handle the targeting with just the product name and categories or also information about the vendor etc?

For example when I have products from a specific brand. Should I put the brand name as it self into the product name or can I just put it as the vendor.


Thanks in advance!

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Are you manually entering products into Facebook as your catalog? It sounds like you are. If you're not already, use a Facebook Ads feed solution. Flexify is the most common free one in Shopify. A more customized solution and my favourite is DataFeedWatch.

But to answer your question, Facebook matches up the products on your website with the your ads feed for retargeting by using content_type and content_ids in the pixel and the id/item_group_id value in the feed. See the object properties here:

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I hope you're well and safe.

To answer your question, I would like to first mention that when you run Facebook Dynamic Ads, it showcases products based on the user's behavior.
For example, if you have 3 product images (Shampoo, Hair Gel, Sanitizer) in your dynamic ad, then it will showcase Shampoo to those who are interested in hair care products and Sanitizer to those who are interested in cleanliness.

I would suggest putting the name of the product (For example, if it's a shampoo, then you can mention "Shampoo For Frizzy Hair" in the headline) as Facebook doesn't allow running the ads if you've mentioned a reputed brand name in your ads or even in your landing page or website. It will lead to the rejection of your ads.

You can also mention the Vendor name if it's your own but I would suggest not put the brand name unless and until it is your own brand.


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