Facebook Dynamic ads (DPA and Collection) only show 1 SKU per Product Variant

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Facebook DPA and Collection ads will only display 1 SKU per Product Variant in the DPA carousel or in the Mobile Collections ad format vs. all of the SKUs.

Why this is an issue:

We're hyper focused on selling a certain product for the holidays but it has 3-4 different SKU versions.  Each SKU has it's own Variant ID.  In working with Facebook, they said that since all products have the same item_group_id, the ads will only pull 1 SKU to represent the Product in ads.  

What we've tried

We created a FB product feed with the 1 product and it's skus (3 in total) and still have issues.  For example, even though we have 3 SKUs, the DPA ads think it's 1 product and default to the single image DPA ad format rather than a carousel.  It previews correctly, showing a carousel, but when we go live, it only shows 1 product.  One issue is that the photo size format between a carousel and a single image is different (square vs. rectangle) so half of the product is cut off when only a single image shows up.

Anyone run into this issue and found a solution for it?




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