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Facebook, ebay and Google account suspensions

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We're having problems setting up Facebook, ebay and Google to advertise in the UK, Europe and US.

We've uploaded from Printful to Shopify, and have all our shopping, shipping, refund polices set up etc.

We setup Facebook, ebay and Google Merchant center accounts, but all three have been suspended due to violation of policy.

Ebay won't talk to us. Google say we're falling foul of their "misrepresentation" policies, and we think Facebook shut our admin down as we were posting too many "fact checker" posts they didn't like. We’re banned from advertising on Facebook as well.

Anyway, we're nowhere at the moment, and could do with some help on how to fix it.

I’ve posted up a job to ask Shopify experts, but am not really getting anywhere with them either.



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Hi, am having same issues, it seems that UK Facebook, Instagram do not accept Shopify , if you click on the learm more when trying to set up it says Facebook Marketplace, Shop and Instaram not available in UK

Wished i had known this before using Shopify for my website