Facebook Estimated Conversions: 0 (DROPSHIPPING)

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Hello Shopify community! I just published my first Facebook campaign for dropshipping. When I publish my ad sets Facebook tells me I'm going to have a decent reach but the conversion will be zero (not even less than 10, just plain zero) Why would that be? It also doesn't matter how much I raise my budget, the problem persists. It's interesting to note that for a split second it shows 5-10 purchases and then it changes to zero again.

My theory is: a) My Ads account is new, therefore Facebook is limiting my reach, b) Black Friday pushes cost per click out the roof c) My audience/creative is just not good, I should go more niche or change my creatives.

I'm launching 3 creatives for 10 different audiences and am spending $100 per day if those details help...

Any advice will be deeply appreciated, Thanks in advance

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