Facebook Integration / CAPI Deduplication

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Lately, my shopify / fb integration keeps going offline/disconnected without touching it.  FB Ads Manager massively over reporting purchases. Anyone else have similar and any solutions?


Have checked all the usual suspects

- on in shopify, right accounts, etc

- pixel installed, tested events work 

- scrubbed al other settings, etc in fb, everything is ok. 


At a loss, but impossible to advertise on fb when conversions are 3x reality. I "get" that when it's working properly aggregated events/capi will deliver maybe within 20% and then need to use other tools. Not expecting 100% accurate...but since feb 9th, it's totally crapped the bed.  Thx 

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We are not touching the same reachs, but I was hoping this CAPI Dedup was working quite well automatically.

It seems it does work still for my campaigns, but way less than before (and very sketchy on day to day).


Do you see such decrease in campaign results?


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