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Facebook keeps rejecting my ads

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Hi, I need help, please


I keep getting this error message when ever I make a facebook ad either via shopify or my facebook page.

I currently have the 'facebook marketing' app on shopify and the sales channel 'facebook shop'.


I don't know what is the problem. I have viewed the fb policies and I cant see any policies that I am not complying with. I have no way of contacting fb to give me more information of what is going on they just send out a generic message each time which doesn't make sense.


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There are two possibilities here:


1) You are indeed violating a rule or two but you don't know exactly which one (in most cases this is the situation)/


2) You are not violating any rules. If you are 100% following the guidelines, then hit the Request Review button and they will manually review your website.

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Dear Bbrosen,


Please share your store url or  product page url for which you are doing ads.

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Hi could someone from Shopify help me? FB rejects all my ADs, saying not approved to place the content into the AD (content = URL to my shop). Probably the landing page of my shop is the problem (however I can't make ads of pure text without URL either).

Thank you!

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Dear hes,


Try some content with store url  at Primary text section of FB Ads . Do not put link in Headline and description

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Thanks, let me explain more: I always get this warning: "Your ad can't promote this content". Every time, regardless if I use a link to my shop ( ) or it is just a simple "Good evening" message without any kind of links, so no URL in it. After about 9-10 tries, FB banned my business AD account, and also my personal AD account. And I never got any real explanation.


What I've learned: the product descriptions (for clothes, bags, shoes, watches) contained the word "gender" for telling if "Gender: Men", or "Gender: Women". I removed all of them, and I also removed the tags from the front menu where some collections were filtered down by tags like Gender_Men and Gender_Women. But I can't imagine what else can be still against any policy in such simple accessory store. 


I tried using the automatized FB campaigns, also the simple ads, that FB advised to use - but whenever it came to check before publishing, they rejected it, and banned me right in the first evening when I wanted to start my shop...


Simple examples attached - showing, that no matter if its a simple sentence, or a complex text, it hets the rejection warning.

Honestly I even tried to get a neutral photo from another shop + copied their text, and no URL - it was also warned.

Any idea how could I start promoting my shop?


Many thanks!

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The exact same thing keeps happening to me.

Is it because I’m drop shipping name brands from eBay?

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one of my clients got the same message for ads which had been running for a couple of weeks. 

We hit the button to request review, however, in many cases it didn't help. 

So, what we tried and what worked for some of the ads was to duplicate the ad, delete the URL and write it from scratch. If this didn't help, we create the ad within the ad set completely from scratch and for an unknown reason, it started working. 

it's very weird, I don't know what the problem was coz the ads had been running for some time. 

Send me a link to your store to and I'll help you out.
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^^^ This has worked for me too.

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i agree facebook is to tight with ad policies ,not worth the headache