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Facebook Page & Ad Account Fast Track

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Hi Folks,

I am building out a new store and wondered if anyone could link me to a Facebook Page & Ad Account fast track guide?

With the page I'm looking to quickly get to 2000 likes to help build brand trust.
Additionally as it's a new ad account/pixel what sort of stragey to apply to quickly get that optimised.




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I'd turn the question on you as to why you want a quick 2000 likes? Having a few hundred likes can contribute to basic social proof, but it's not a point of major concern. Get your store ready, do good Facebook Ads, and you will naturally build likes while making revenue.


Seeing that you have a new pixel, unless you have a customer list with permission to advertise to, the place to start is with Interests. If you have a customer list, then you can build various lookalikes off that information.

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The people who like a page may not always be the people who buy from your store. Some people just like a page as a way to show support. The fastest way to get your ad account & pixel up and running is to have ad campaigns that have people add to cart, checkout and then purchase. The more people you can get to buy, the faster Facebook will learn about your customers. If you have past customer emails from running popup events or other offline events. Upload those emails into Facebook will help teach Facebook as well. Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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Dear HomeOnTheSwan,


Hope following suggestions will help you.


1. Always try to get real likes, if you have 200 likes and they are related then these are more beneficial than 2000 likes.

2. For new facebook ad account: First decide your products,select your budget($5/day for beginner), select your audience as per interest,go for custom audience,use USP in your ads with high quality square image.


There are other things you need to work. If you need any help on this please contact here:


Thanks & Regards

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