Facebook payments disabled and I cannot run ads or promotions on Instagram.

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Help!  Facebook turned off my payments and ability to add a credit card to pay for ads.  I had accidentally sent money to buy something on my personal facebook account back in May and she turned out to be a scammer.  I had my credit card reverse charges and they did.  I have sent all correspondence from the credit card company to facebook and they just keep giving me a computer generated responses then close out support contact saying they cannot help but do not give a reason why.  I am so frustrated as I just need to do ads and promotions for my business.  Anyone know what I can do?  

Here is the message facebook gives me. 

Facebook Payments Has Been Turned Off For This App
There’s been unusual payment activity on your account. For your security, we’ve turned off Facebook Payments while you're using this app. Contact us for help and more information.
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