Facebook Pixel (Ad & Event manager) does not see purchases?

Facebook Pixel (Ad & Event manager) does not see purchases?

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Hi dear friends, my store is up & running, everything works fine. Even the pixel works, it tracks page views, start checkout, add to cart and so on.. But it does not track purchases..

The ad in fb ad manager also does not show any conversions while i have atleast 1..

Watch the image below




Aankoop (Purchase) tracked last sale 6 days ago (my test purchase on the website)
Today sales come in through a Facebook ad and everything works fine, even the adset that i connected is shown "1 advertentieset". But purchase count is not going up.

Any ideas what i might oversee or do wrong ?

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Install Facebook's pixel helper Chrome Extension then make a test purchase. See if the purchase event fires. Furthermore, you can open the event test manager to immediately see if it poushes through.

Keep in mind. Just because an event fires, doesn't mean it'll push through in ads manager. An ad has to have attribution for the purchase in order for it to be tracked in ads manager.

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Hello MGNetworks, 

I think you some mistake in google tag manager. If you can use right trigger and setup tag correctly then it's show up 100%. 

You can also check via Facebook's pixel helper...


Kind Regards

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