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Hi everyone,


We're using the native integration for our FB pixel and its standard events but I wanted to know what's the best way to implement custom events? This part isn't mentioned in the guide "adding a FB pixel to your store".

For example, I'd like to add a custom event "viewed" that would fire after the visitor spends 10+ and 30+ seconds on our landing page.

Should I use Google Tag Manager or is there a way to do that directly in the theme code of my store?


Also, is the advanced matching functionality natively integrated to Shopify?

This sends the email/phone/name back to FB within the purchase event (and thus slightly improve the matching rate between our ad campaigns and the conversions they effectively generated)


Thanks in advance!



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I've done both of these in Shopify.


For the advanced matching, we had to disable the regular FB integration with shopify and do it all manually. This is so the developer could place the updated code on the receipt page that allowed for advanced matching.


For custom events, I did all of those with tag manager. Works great.

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Hi Tomenns, Could you please help me out how did you created custom events in GTM? Is it required to have Shopify+ account to use GTM for creating custom events? I have a developer who can make the code changes but he isn't familiar about what type of changes do we need to create custom events for Facebook CAPI and advanced matching.