Facebook Pixel & Catalog Errors

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I've been trying to resolve this for 3 days.  I've pieced together options from other threads, and it's seemed to help, but not fix things fully.  Can anyone please help me with this headache?

I have everything else synced and ready to go for running ads, except this.


What I have (done):


- 2 Catalogs in Facebook Business Manager--1 Shopify owned, the other I own (uploaded products as data feed through Flexify app).

- I have Flexify app installed in Shopify (Facebook pixel is connected).

- I have Google Shopping app installed in Shopify (already connected to Google Merchant, Google Ads, and Google Analytics).


Please see my errors below.  I have green check marks that everything is "good to go," but clearly I need these fixed to get the most out of my pixel/Facebook ads.


> Would it be best if I remove my current Facebook pixel and connect a new one?

> I've tried fixing the Duplicate Add to Cart issue within the Event Set Up Tool, but it doesn't work.


Facebook Pixel Errors (Events) & Catalog Error (Data Source)Facebook Pixel Errors (Events) & Catalog Error (Data Source)


Facebook Pixel Error (Events)Facebook Pixel Error (Events)

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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Was able to get your store URL from the myshopify.com link mentioned in your screenshot: https://forgeandvessel.com/


If you use Chrome's Facebook pixel debugger tool, you will see content_ids and content_type on product pages:


Facebook uses this information with your feed to match the products. Looking at the screenshot above, your pixel is fine. Your Google Shopping app is not relevant as it's a different thing altogether.


In the Flexify app, check the box "Format feed for the native shopify pixel setting". This will match up the content_ids variable in the pixel with the product ids in the feed. This is so in remarketing, people get shown the right products that they viewed.

Run Google Shopping ads? Get the free definitive guide to Google Shopping for Shopify (no optin required): https://www.digitaldarts.com.au/google-shopping
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Hi Josh,


Thank you very much for your reply.


I am seeing in my Facebook Business Manager those red, critical error messages have been resolved.

Likewise, the duplicate Add to Cart message shows it's been ignored/has been resolved.  I was mainly worried about this, as I didn't want it to reflect incorrectly in quantity when it comes to my Facebook ads.


I have the Facebook Pixel Helper installed.


Within the Flexify app on Shopify, I'm not seeing the check box you told me to mark off--"Format feed for the native shopify pixel setting".  Is this still something you recommend I do, since the error messages have been resolved?  If so, can you please tell me where to find it?


Thank you once again!