Facebook pixel and ad blocker

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Hi everyone,


When I test my pixel with adblocks on, the pixel is not showing.


My underdansting is that when setting the facebook pixel through the admin interface then the pixel is installed via GTM and Ad blockers block the pixel then. 


A lot of clients may use ad block, it is quite a loss of information as a merchant. 


Is the only way to go around this to insert the pixel in the theme code? Could there be a downside doing this?



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Hi Henri,


Shopify has a built-in section for your Facebook Pixel.


You can add the pixel code from the preferences section of your online store.

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That's what I am currently using, however when I go on my website I don't see the pixel when adblock is on. Is there a work around?

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I have also this issue. 

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It's totally normal because the adblock is blocking the pixel from showing on your website.

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Hello, I understand your concern here are a few points that can help you with the query-
>First try to install the pixel from the Shopify store if it's not working you can do the next step.
>You can try t install the Facebook API which can track the data even if ads block are installed in the browser.
>Try adding Facebook pixel API which enhances the capability of pixel and can even work in case of ads block.