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Facebook Pixel does not connect with my store

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Hi Everyone!,

I just tried to connect facebook pixel with my new store but when I sent a traffic test it comes back with 'no activity yet'.

in my events manager, my status is offline and there is a message that says:   We haven't received any activity from your pixel in this time frame. 

I followed the instruction properly as last time when I was setting up different facebook pixel to another shop but this time it just does not work. 

On my website, the Facebook pixel helper says that there is no pixels are found and it's grey.



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hello, Matt!

I can understand how it would be confusing that your Facebook Pixel isn’t showing up on your new store, but does on another. Sometimes this can happen if you’re using Ad Blocker on your web browser. If you pause Ad Blocker for your new store, the Facebook Pixel should work again.

What Duanebrown suggested may also work as well!

I also recommend reviewing the steps again from Facebook’s help page to add the pixel to your store: Connect Your Facebook Pixel to Shopify.

Let me know if that helps!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey, @crepoux90.

Tira here, from Shopify.

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing a similar issue and I appreciate you troubleshooting this on your own. I checked your store and I do see that your pixel is active. Here's a screenshot of my Facebook Pixel Helper:


From what I've understood based on the insights of the Shopify Community members here, it sounds like the "No Activity Yet" error on Facebook is resolved after waiting for a period of time. I would suggest giving this some time to appear. Sometimes there can be discrepancies in the reports of other analytic platforms where the results shown are different from one platform to another. Check out our help doc with reasons on why a discrepancy can occur: Analytics discrepancies

If any community members have any tips, please reply here with your insights!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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I'm having the very same issue. I'm going to try out Steinberg's advice of triggering it from a 3rd party visitor and get back to this thread... Going to implement my pixel then ask a couple people to go to the site and check back tomorrow. If it fires up I'll deduce that for some reason FB's testing event feature is bugged.


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@cbiddle42 & @Tira Any updates on the issue? I'm having the same exact issues. I have turned off ad-blockers, disabled all of my extensions, deleted the pixel ID on my shopify store and re-pasted it back in, and nothing has resolved the "No activity yet" issue. I have installed Facebook Pixel Helper and it does confirm that I have One pixel installed onto my shopify store, but my Facebook Business settings say otherwise with a "No activity yet" message.

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UPDATE: My pixel randomly connected after just leaving it on the "Send Test Traffic" setup page after trying to send test traffic. I did fiddle around with my site and stuff while the page was up in a separate tab and then I checked back and it connected after ~20 minutes. So that's a good sign! But it doesn't seem to operating properly still. When I try to test events it doesn't seem to work and I've even tried to test events on another computer but it doesn't update. I'm going to just play the patience card because that seemed to work! Will update of course if I start to see success.


Unfortunately my pixel is still not firing... What's weird is it seemed to be working just fine when all I had done was connect my FB account via the Shopify Facebook App, but I tried to implement a new pixel and that's when everything broke.

I tried simply going back to exclusively having the pixel come from my Shopify Facebook App but now that doesn't even work.

Now I'm pretty much out of ideas... I'm going to just try to send test traffic to my site all day today and see if eventually it updates... I now have a pixel from my FB-Shopify App connection AND a custom pixel that I'm implemented -- Neither are firing but BOTH say they're working on Facebook Pixel Helper.

I'm concerned it's a bug that needs to be fixed because I can't understand how everything looks perfect from our end but FB just simply can't connect.

This is incredibly frustrating because this data tracking methodology is paramount to a successful e-commerce store so our shops are out there with a broken arm right now. Quite literally unable to be as successful as possible! Really really frustrating.

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my pixel will still not work,

have tried clearing my cookies, have tried disabling ad blocker, nothings working, my site is not open to public yet? Is this why? Even though when I test I’m logged into the site ? 

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey, @bohotrader.

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, that's correct, by default, each Shopify store will have a password protected page enabled so that you can build your store and keep it private until you're ready to launch. If you want to test your Facebook Pixel, you will need to remove this password page. 

Here are the steps to remove your password page:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Preferences.

  2. Go to the Password protection area.

  3. Uncheck Enable password.

  4. Click Save.

We also have these steps listed in our help doc here: Remove your password protection page

Once you've removed your password protection page, I recommend taking a look at your store and checking to see if your Facebook Pixel Helper is showing your Facebook Pixels. 

If you would like to put your password page back on your store, here are the steps from our help doc: Add password protection to your online store.

We would love to know if this helps!


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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@Tira wrote:

Hi, @BukLau.


Tira here, from Shopify Support.  


I appreciate that you did some troubleshooting on this on your own. I did some digging and another factor may be how the custom code was added to your theme, or there may be an error within the theme itself. I'd love to provide some insight. What theme are you using?

You can find the name of your theme by following these steps:

- Login to your Shopify admin

- Under "Sales Channels" click on "Online Store > Themes" and on the right-hand side you will see "Current Theme" which will show the name of your published theme. Here's a screenshot:


Once you find the name of your theme, please reply to this thread, along with the steps that you've used when you added your Facebook Pixel to your store, and your URL so that I can take a look. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 



Im using debutify theme. Version 2.0.1


Thank you 

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hi so i dont have an adblocker but it still wont activate and the domain is right iv tested it many times

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I am currently playing the waiting game, as it seemed to have worked for some of the users on here. I will keep everyone updated if anything happens! 

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I was having the exact same issue. Facebook Pixel Helper was detecting the pixel but Facebook kept showing No Activity Yet. I had to turn my phone's wifi off, navigate to my store, I guess to trigger an outside source. That finally set my Pixel to active.

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Hi guys,

I think I have confirmed the solution. 

Just want to share everyone out there who's struggling with such a frustrating issue.

The trick is to view your store from a 3rd source from a different data connection. For example viewing your store from your Phone NOT ON WIFI.
By accessing your store that way, it fires off the Pixel as Active. 
It's worked for me a couple times now so I think it's the answer.

It's unfortunate that Facebook can't get that part right and has made it such a hassle but at least there's something I found that worked for me.
I hope it works for you as well.

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I tried connecting to my website through my phone with the wifi turned off and it still says inactive

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Wow! After 3 days of installing, uninstalling, deleting and removing FB pixels and creating several new ones I could not get the pixel to connect to my Shopify store. I tried this and it worked straight away!! Flipping awesome!! Thanks Steinbrg

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Thank you sir for this answer

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I’m trying to connect my pixel account and all it says on Shopify is “set up Facebook”

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I’m trying to connect my pixel account and all it says on Shopify is “set up Facebook”

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I'm having the same issue.  THIS is the one problem, I've yet to see anyone address. 

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This was my solution many fortnights ago, I'm not sure if this is helpful but wanted to plop it in here in case it's helpful!

SOLVED BY @Nick105 :

I had the same problem with this and I'm not new to setting up pixels on websites. I was very confused as the pixel helper could see it, but ads manager wasn't getting anything.Previously, I had used the shop preferences with the correct pixel ID and the pixel helper didn't find it. I then installed the code manually and the pixel helper found it but I still couldn't get ads manager to see it.

The solve was to go to events manager and then click on settings.

I scrolled down and turned on both "Enable full use of Customer Data under our Business Tools Terms from this data source unless an event has a Limited Data Use flag" and 

"Automatic Advanced Matching" and then sent test traffic again in the overview and it magically worked. Wasted a lot of time for such a simple fix, but I hope that helps some other people.
Works now!!
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If you are still facing any issue with Shopify facebook pixel you can try trackify X - that help you integrate as many pixels as you want which can be used to track custom events and parameters based on your goals. Also, create catalogs and which automatically syncs with event data on a daily basis which then can be used for Facebook retargeting ads (DPA). 


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Hey Matt..


If you are running Facebook Ads then your tracking is the most important part to focus.


Because Data is everything for facebook ads. and all you data is in your pixel.


Your pixel segments your data with events, and every event fires when the traffic performs any action on the website, for example View content means when some one visits your product page so facebook segment that type of audience in the View Content event and allows you to use that segment anyway you want.


now imagine if you can make more detail segments of data, like the visitors who spend more time on your website and also check your customer review, they are 100% more warm then the traffic who just bounce of after landing on your product page. 


So i suggest every one to segment your data more and more and try to find the exact set of audience which are converting,


and for that i always use a shopify app called WinAds,


WinAds gives me the advance segmentation in the shape of hyper event like. 


Time Spent,

Showed Interest,

Customer Tagging,

High Spender,

Abandon Cart,

Still Thinking,


So many more segment to make custom audience and new look alike this is a dream come true for facebook marketers do check them out!!

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Yes, I agree with you on this.
I like how you emphasised on data rather than assumptions which is really rare these days in ecommerce.

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I had the same problem and eventually realized I wasn't doing the url correctly. Make sure you're doing it as