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Hello Community!

I did everything what shopify and facebook says and also checked almost every topic in this forum regarding this case.

When I try to use the event setup tool in facebook, I have to post my website url. Then my page opens in a new tab and the event setup tool windows should pop up, to setup my events.

Problem: The pop up doesnt show up. In facebook, the window shows a red note, that on this url there is no pixel to find. 


What I did before

  • Turned off adblocker
  • Installed Facebook in shopify - everything is green and there are absolutely no problems or errors. I see the correct pixel, business account, page, etc. in shopify settings.
  • Installed Shopify in Facebook, to connect everything, including catalog
  • I pasted the correct Pixel code in the shopify preferences
  • Checked my website with pixel helper. I see the correct pixel and some events like pageview
  • Tested the Events on the site. In facebook I see immediately the pageviews, add to carts and see content events
  • I activated instagram, facebook and facebook marketing in the shopify settings. Everything is green/activated

I dont know, what to do anymore.


Some Infos

  • I use PageFly to build the pages. I didnt track any events there. I guess, it should also work with the event setup tool?
  • I use the paid Motion Theme
  • In facebook, there is an Update regarding IOS and apple privacy changes. I don't know anything about this yet, but it seems not to be the problem
  • In facebook, you can activate below the event setup tool button "Track Events without any code". I tried with activating, but same issue.
  • I changed my url-domain recently and didn't make any changes in this area. 

I hope someone can help me. 

Best Regards and have a good weekend!



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Did you ever fix this? I am having the same issue.