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Facebook Pixel Not firing correctly?

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Dear Shopifiers,


I've setup my Pixel and started launching ads. I've had some sales recently but they didn't show up in the Ad Manager. The pixel is installed with the Shopify integration.


Than I checked if the pixel was firing with 3 test purchases. Well it didn't seem to work. So I made a custom event with the facebook event setup tool on the Thank You page that should fire whenever someone gets there. That worked but, it won't help me with optimizing my ads.


I'm so lost, I can't figure out why its not working. Any ideas?


Edit: I'm doing a free product, only pay shipping method. Could this be the problem?


This is the pixel helper showing on the Thank You page.



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The error message you are seeing if because the items you look at on your site is not in your Facebook Catalog. I would go to your Facebook Catalog and make sure all the products on your store are in your Facebook Catalog.

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