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Facebook Pixel not found on Store

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Hi everyone, 

Having some problems with Facebook Pixel. 

Here's the story: 

  • Created a store, integrated the FB Pixel which worked fine. Had some traffic and a few sales. Data was properly recorded in FB analytics.
  • After 2 days I completely changed the store (domain, niche, design) and I installed a new Pixel to start out fresh (new Ad account, new pixel). 
  • However now, when using Facebook Pixel Helper, the Pixel isn't detectecting it on my website and I don't find it either in the liquid.theme file. 

Strange thing is that I still got some data from the pixel in the business manager but not everything. I only get pageView and viewContent eventhough I did some purchases on the Website to test it out. 

Anyone can help me out on this one? 

Thanks in advance,


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I have the same problem although the I have not changed nothing. The pixel stopped working yesterday with no reason. I also cannot find it on my website with chrome extension... 

Not sure if its integration problem, shopify or FB problem 😞