Facebook Pixel NOT TRACKING conversions/purchases

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Facebook pixel added using pixel ID, I am running ads and have got purchases but they aren't being tracked by facebook pixel at all.


I would've thought the pixel ID integration would have automatically started tracking conversions, but nope (seem to be having a lot of these moments with shopify). Right now I'm probably bleeding money because the pixel isn't using those conversions for optimization. I can't find decent information on how to track the conversions anywhere. Please help.

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Hello Datura,

  1. First check whether pixel has been set up properly or not.
  2. Pixel should be properly integrate and active
  3. Also make sure while setting up the campaign, pixel should be active/enabled with respective campaign.
  4. In terms of conversion tracking please check, have you set up the conversion goal (custom conversion) in Business Manager account.
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Hi, steps 1 -3 are already working and the pixel is supposedly active for the campaign. How exactly do I set up a conversion goal for custom conversion, and why isn't there documentation on this anywhere? Isn't adding the facebook pixel ID in preferences meant to automatically track purchases and remove the need to paste code into a conversion page? Otherwise, what does adding the pixel ID into preferences actually achieve if it's not tracking purchases already?

Will adding the code to my checkout page properly track people that arrive on the checkout page but don't successfully pay for the item?

Will adding the code to my checkout page track orders that have previously been fulfilled?

Just so many questions..very confused

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I am having the same problem. Where you able to resolve the problem? Someone please help!
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Hi. How did you solve this problem?

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Hi @dutra - 

FB will track transactions after you have added the FB pixel in Shopify automatically. Here is what is tracked by default by Shopify: 


If you haven't already, I suggest reading this guide which walks through all the steps. https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/promoting-marketing/analyze-marketing/facebook-pixel

If you are still having issues, then install the FB Pixel Helper. This is a Chrome extension that tells you if a pixel is firing properly based on the actions you are taking. I suggest going through the entire purchase process from viewing a product to adding to cart to checkout and checking the pixel helper on each step to make sure it is firing properly. 

If it is, it might be that the orders you are receiving were not generated from FB ads, and therefore you are not seeing the conversions in FB. 

Please let me know if this helps. 




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It can happen due to various reasons. Can you use Facebook's Pixel Helper tool to check if the pixel is actually installed on your website? If the pixel is installed then you will see something like the screenshot below.




Moreover, head over to your Facebook Business Manager > Events Manager and check the event match quality and it should be either Great or OK and not poor. 



Also try testing your website's events using the Pixel Testing tool which you can access by going to Facebook Business Manager > Events Manager > Test events. Enter your domain and do a test purchase and see if you see the purchase tracked by Facebook. 


In the screenshot above you can see that Facebook has tracked some events properly. 


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